Brazil- Australia matchup: What is up Brazil? (Final: Brazil 2 Australia 0)

What is going on with the Brazilians? Or should I say what is not going on with them? Ronaldo is slow, very slow. Adriano and Ronaldinho have lost their touch. Only Kaka has come out to play. Brett Emerton and Lucas Neill have done a tremendous job fending off the Brazilian attack. The Socceroo attack looks very organized with Viduka, Cahill, and Vince Grella combining well.
Update: Full marks to the Socceroos for their brave and energetic display against the Brazilians. Kewell, Bresciano, and Viduka came close to scoring but were denied thanks to Dida’s fine reflexive saves, adding yet another chapter to the fine goalkeeping story in this World Cup. Adriano and Fred scored for Brazil and they did come close to scoring on a few more occasions. But no one can call this e jogo bonito. The Argentinians have been far far better at it.

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2 comments on “Brazil- Australia matchup: What is up Brazil? (Final: Brazil 2 Australia 0)
  1. Robinho showed lots of spark when he came on for Ronaldo. Ronaldo needs to score his one goal so Brazil can move on, if not, Brazil will have to leave him on the bench if they want to move on.
    I think brazil played well, it was rather obvious they were wary of the Australian reputation for being brutal, Ronaldinho choosing to act more as a passing playmaker keeping the chance of injury low. Overall they played less physical looked to be “playing it safe”.
    Again, I think people are making too much of this at this point, we know Brasil will move on, so playing this way and making sure they are healthy and rested for the later games makes sense, lets start talking when its the quarterfinals and they’re still playing this way…

  2. True. I also get the feeling that Brazilians are playing deliberately at a lower gear. Just enough to get by to the second round.

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