Ergebnisfussball: Made in Brazil?

We Germans have a term for teams that play for a draw: Ergebnisfussball.
This is a word that is usually used to describe teams who play for a draw. It is also used when teams who take the lead, look to protect their advantage rather than score another goal. Italian teams are usually mentioned in the same breath as “Ergebnisfussball” – which can be read as “results based football”.
One of the most famous examples of “Ergebnissfussball” occurred during the 1982 World Cup: Germany were 1-0 up against Austria in the group phase – a result that ensured both teams would qualify for the next round. What followed was one of the most infamous chapters in World Cup history, as both teams did not attack and were content to push the ball around for the rest of the match. I remember how embarassed my father was on that day. He was fuming.
Brazil-Australia showed us a Brazil which looked unfit (no, not just Ronaldo) and a team willing to play Ergebnisfussball. No jogo bonito on this team. I have to say this: Brazil are no longer the favorites. Not the way they are playing.
Any thoughts? Cruzeiro?

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One comment on “Ergebnisfussball: Made in Brazil?
  1. Or they want to make it into the next rounds healthy, uninjured and relatively rested.
    We’ll see if Argentina can keep their pace as the tournament goes on, but if Brazil is just trying to make sure they have enough left in them for the end of the tournament, it could be the smartest move a team has made this early.
    Considering they’ve yet to loose a game it can safely be said they played well enough to win, and in this round thats all that matters.

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