Halftime: USA 1 Italy 1 Mastroeni out: No way that was a red card

Pablo Mastroeni’s tackle deserved a yellow. Not a red. By no stretch of the imagination. Contrast that with de Rossi’s sickening foul on McBride throwing a elbow on the face. McBride came up bleeding. It has been a tough and physical game but the good thing is that the US team showed upto play. Dempsey has been a workhorse on the right and Donovan is getting his nifty little touch back. Reyna is showing more leadership and switching the point of attack nicely from flank to flank.
The defence looks solid with Gooch making some nice tackles. Except for that botched offside trap that led to the Gilardino goal in the 21st minute.
Both teams are dead even after Zaccardo’s own goal led to the equalizer. Both teams are down to 10 men.

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3 comments on “Halftime: USA 1 Italy 1 Mastroeni out: No way that was a red card
  1. Reyna was HORRIBLE this game, he was utterly worthless and played like crap. I counted more than 10 touches he made that made me sad to be an American.
    Beasley again did not show up to play, very dissapointing this WC.
    Is McBride’s head is the target for every team? That man gets more hits to his head than I can keep track of. Poor guy.
    Other than that great game. Convey was awesome, Bocanegra really impressed, Donovan is back, Gooch was properly composed for a defender, great fun to watch.

  2. plzz guys…USA are crap!!! Italy had 4 or 5 offsides given wen they were clearly onside..both those red cards were deserved as was italys…you played pathetic..always tackling from behind to try and stop momentum..worst game!!! have a nice flight home!!!

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