Klinsmann has answered his critics in full

This is a Germany that is playing attacking and entertaining soccer. They have figured that the best way to defend is to attack. And Klinsmann is the one responsible for this metamorphosis. You actually want to see the Germans play! In 3 games, 8 goals and a full 9 points. The new mindset is exemplified by left back Phillip Lahm, who looks like he could play an attacking midfielder or striker in any other team with his jinking runs down the left flank. He scored Germany’s opening goal against Costa Rica and looked good for another couple.
A shot of Der Kaiser in the Germany- Ecuador match after Klose’s goal showed an impassive Franz Beckenbauer, a contrast to the exulting Klinsmann. He is probably having a hard time eating his words. This can be said of Uli Hoeness and Felix Magath, part of the Bayern Munich cabal who sniffed about Kilinsmann’s California fixation. The problems that Klinsmann faced to win over a skeptical establishment is extensively documented. In the end the best thing that Klinsmann did was not to win them over. Otherwise we would see the Germany of slow starts, soporific midfield play, and an over reliance on set pieces.
Whatever the Germans do next in the next round, the 2006 squad will be known as the most entertaining and attacking squads to come out of Germany. This is our gestalt.

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3 comments on “Klinsmann has answered his critics in full
  1. SR, Klinsmann has done what all great coaches do: allow their players to be reach their potential. Germany ’06 is NOT Germany FR ’74. The attacking stylke suits them well.
    Regardless, I don’t think Klinsmann will be around to coach Germany in ’10. Will Klinsmann be Arena’s successor?

  2. Tilam, just imagine Klinsmann as the coach of the MNT. I think Sunil Gulati should seriously look into that. I’ve heard that a MLS team is interested in bringing Pavel Nedved, now that he is close to retiring. He is still one of the best players around and will give the MLS a boost.

  3. Tying back to Christian’s idea, there seems to be a bunch of interest among European top league players to go to the US near/after retirement, either as players or active MLS participants.
    I did not know about Nedved, but Beckham has said he would like to get to the US and play. Franck Leboeuf has said he has tried to play in the MLS (but they turned him down) and would like to promote soccer here.
    They would have to do it for the love (the average MLS salary is $75,000) because the MLS can not afford too many high priced players. But if the MLS can offer franhise/ownership opportunities for some of these guys, it could be a big win for the league and a win for the players.
    A final thought related to attractive inner city kids is that the MLS should consider going after some of the better African players. Face it, it makes a difference in a sport if you can see guys with your color skin.

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