One game – one language ?

Can a player be a rono or a goalkeeper be a fliegenfanger and will you clap when you see a goal being scored with a pele??
A new language named Socceranto has been created to help the players of the 32 countries playing the world cup to communicate with each other.They speak 18 official languages and many dialects and now Socceranto is here to break all the language barriers!
It is made up out of words created from both the names of famous players and from soccer slang and jargon.It also has some brand new words of its own .Some examples of Socceranto words…
ronaldinho: a no-look pass — named after Brazil’s Ronaldinho, who is a master at finding a team-mate without apparently looking up.
kaka: a volley. Named after Kaka, the Brazil and AC Milan midfielder, famed for his superb volleying.
zizou: a 360-degree, spin-turn. Named after Zinadine Zidane, alias “Zizou”, master of this kind of turn.
pelé: a bicycle-kick. The brilliant Brazilian star made the overhead kick his trademark.
roberto: a banana kick. Named after two Brazilian greats, both famed for their banana-kicks, seventies icon Roberto Rivelino and Real Madrid’s galactico Roberto Carlos.
baggio: a missed penalty. Named after Roberto Baggio of Italy, who missed a crucial spot-kick in the penalty shoot-out at the end of the 1994 World Cup Final.
Read more about Socceranto here

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