Paz Vega: The lady is beautiful and knows her soccer

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Paz Vega- Soccer afficiniado
James Brooks “Spanglish” introduced Paz Vega to the American audience. She played Flor, the housekeeper to the Claskys (Adam Sandler and Tea Leoni) and gets involved in their life, sorting out their problems with Sandler’s new found fame as a celebrity chef and Leoni’s insecurity. Paz Vega is from Seville, Spain. She is a big star in her country, on TV and movies, acting in Almodovar’s Talk to Her and Jose Carlos Medem’s Sex and Lucia., in the title role.
She has been following the World Cup with a great deal of passion and this is what she writes about her favorite team. She predicts a Spain -Argentina final, with Spain winning 3-1. The way these teams are playing it is hard to disagree with her. Although the Germans and the Brazilians will disagree. Vociferously.
I wonder if Jennifer Aniston or George Clooney are following the World Cup?

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2 comments on “Paz Vega: The lady is beautiful and knows her soccer
  1. who cares?! she’s better looking than those two combined.
    and I’m sorry dear, but Argentina will win 3-1 😉
    When I saw her in Spanglish I knew she looked familiar, all those foreign films I watch due to a crazy upbringing in a multilingual multicultural family….

  2. SteveA
    She definitely is.
    Nothing has come close to Cambiasso’s goal. 24 one touches, absolutely breathtaking.

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