Referee Jorge Larrionda was suspended for the 2002 World Cup

Wikipedia’s entry says that Larrionda was suspended for 6 months by the Uruguayan football federation after being selected for the Korea- Japan World Cup 2002. There were suspected irregularities. The particulars of these irregularities are not known, although bribes are suspected. He was suspended with four other Uruguayan referees.
Larrionda has been criticized in the past for being lenient. Allowing fouls to go unpunished in a Brazil -Colombia qualifier in October 2005.
The Guardian notes that he made a controversial call disallowing a Brazil goal vs Uruguay in a 2004 match. Replays showed clearly that the ball was a half meter into the goal.
Here is a profile of Jorge Larronda

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4 comments on “Referee Jorge Larrionda was suspended for the 2002 World Cup
  1. Wow, FIFA should ban this guy from all international matches. He has clearly lost the respect and the integrity for the game of soccer. FIFA should be embarrassed for allowing Jorge Larronda to make a mockery of the game at the highest level.

  2. Wow indeed, I heard them after the match saying he’d been disciplined before but had no idea he had SUCH a bad history! How did this guy get into the WC??

  3. I was just watching the news from Uruguay and I believe he will remain as a referee in this World cup and is scheduled to referee an upcoming match. I could not hear which one. It’s a shame!

  4. After the match France-Portugal all things we eared about this “judje” become clear: finnally he won that lottery he has been fighting for years!!
    Now he is one more “good guy” for the FIFA top Mafia that runs the world foot.

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