Gareth Bale scores the goal of the Premiership ( so far )

Gareth Bale scores a brace. The first one was sheer luck but the second off a delectable cross by Aaron Lennon shoulder high, Bale perfectly balanced lashes a left footed volley with breathtaking power and precision. He is an amazing talent.
Stoke fought back through Ricardo Fuller to narrow the gap. Then came the controversial chain of events which left Stoke aggrieved.
In the dying minutes Stoke forces a corner. The ball comes to Danny Collins whose header is just tipped out by Gomes falling back as Robert Huth PUSHES him. The ball comes loose to Jon Walters who nods the ball home. On replay – you can see Peter Crouch is WELL INSIDE the goal line when he blocks the ball with his HAND. Not exactly in Luis Suarez territory but the letter of the law would have applied.
1. Robert Huth clearly pushes Gomes when he goes for the ball (Stoke foul)
2. The ball crossed the goal line (a goal should have been given).
3. Crouch’s handball blocking the shot (a spot kick for Stoke)
The match referee, Chris Foy and his officiating crew’s inadvertence clearly cancel out the foul and the subsequent goal. It’s almost as if the joke was on them – a world of consequences which they had no clue about. The cries of video replay technology are once again renewed. Once again they will fall on deaf ears.


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