2012 Olympics: Tune into USA vs Japan women’s soccer final

megan rapinoe1.jpg
As iconic an image: Could the USA top this in the finals?
Yes, all you football/ soccer lovers. This is one of the most anticipated clashes, the USA vs Japan showdown, all year. Destiny had both countries renewing their rivalry in the Olympics women’s soccer final. The USA for redemption. Japan for continuing their recent supremacy. The USA have been in fantastic form with Megan Rapinoe in our book, the player of the tournament. We’re unabashed fans of hers. But if she’s set the bar there is no leveling off with Abby Wambach, Alex Morgan, and Carli Lloyd, who have been stellar.
The Nadeshiko have had no break out players but their defense has been extremely well organized and compact and they have relied on clinical efficiency to score goals. The US women should boss the ball around while Japan will play rope a dope. Both teams have scored all important goals through set pieces and once again they could be the determining factor.
For those who have taken off work. The match will be aired live at 2:45 p.m. ET on NBC Sports. For those who cannot, there is live streaming on NBC sports and ESPN’s minute by minute. For the record, 83,000 + fans are expected to attend today’s finals at Wembley. This is a huge day for women’s soccer.

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