Manchester United shred Bayer Leverkusen 5-0

United have a game to spare in Group A and they have already made it to the knock out stage.
The destruction of Bayer Leverkusen is their biggest win away in the European Cup since they beat Shamrock Rovers 6-0 way back in 1957.
The united players played wearing black arm bands in memory of Bill Foulkes.

He would have been on the team that won 6 – 0 in 1957 I guess because the plane crash that killed so many of his team mates took place in February 1958.
So we can safely assume that the spirit of Bill Foulkes lives on in the team and is inspiring them to greater heights.
And while talking about inspiring people we can safely include the name of Ryan Giggs who will be turning a very venerable 40 on friday.

His contribution to the game against Bayer was not merely inspiring but awe inspiring.

Here’s a report saying that he has been playing that way since he was nine years old


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