Ronaldo opens Ronaldo Museum

Ronaldo opened a museum dedicated to himself in Funchal,Madeira – his birthplace.It has a life size wax figure of himself in the main room and also displays some of his trophies and awards.
The picture below shows a life like Ronaldo staring into space and the real Ronaldo standing alongside smiling proudly -or maybe its the other way around.
Cristiano Ronaldo

The real one had the following to say among other things…
“Of course it’s a special day, it’s the opening of my museum and I am proud,I have room for more trophies. I don’t really want to mention specific ones. All I want is to win more awards and, if the Ballon d’Or comes, there is extra room here.”
The wax figure of course had nothing to say.
It merely continued either staring into space or smiling proudly depending on which one it was.

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