Blatter talks tough to dirty divers


Blatter has cracked the whip and let it be in known in no uncertain terms that he will not tolerate any more diving.
Blatter said he found it “deeply irritating” when “the half-dead player comes back to life as soon as they have left the pitch”
The solution would be to make divers sit out of the game for enough time to make his team feel the stress of playing with one man short.
“In practical terms this amounts to a time penalty — and it could cause play-actors to rethink,” Blatter wrote.
Diving and the subsequent theatrics that ofter accompany it “has become a normal and accepted part” of soccer nowadays, Blatter continued. “Cutting out this kind of cheating is a matter of respect towards opponents and fans and ultimately one of self-respect as a professional and role model.”

This remedy he hopes will prevent players from doing what they do now – go down without blatting an eyelid,writhe around in incredible agony – and then recover miraculously when the penalty is given.

He also used words like “preposterous” and “extravagant” and “incredibly” – which is pretty strong language for him..!
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