Rooney chats with Liverpool’s psychiatrist to pump up his mind

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All battles are won in the mind, and Wayne Rooney’s not leaving anything to chance. Our hero of the shining metatarsals has decided he’ll chat with Liverpool’s Dr. Steve “Freudian Slip” Peters, after getting the go-ahead from  Steven “oops I slipped again” Gerrard. Personally, I think Rooney’s insecurities are best fixed by having a quiet meeting with Paul “backstabber” Scholes in the parking lot.

On the positive side, Zico has a few good things to say about Rooney.

What are these mind games all about anyway? While you’re at it, Rooney, why not try Tony Robbins as well?

Jokes aside, I sincerely hope this is Rooney’s World Cup. Get a goal, man.

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