Van Gaal does pack of cards impersonation

Manchester United's Dutch manager Louis
Van Gaal created a bit of premier league touchline history yestereday when he went down like the proverbial pack of cards
As the match with Arsenal came into its last ten minutes he marched over to fourth official Mike Dean and to demonstrate his annoyance with the oppositon’s tactics he flung himself down on the the ground in a most dramatic fashion.

As Brutus remarked to Casca about Caesar…
“Tis very like.He hath the falling sickness”
Van Gaal himself however was pretty uncaesarlike and apologetic for his actions at the post match conference..
“Yeah that was too emotional because at that time you are a little bit too emotional because it is not good for the referee, not good for the linesman, not good for the fourth referee. But I was emotional and it happens not so much. Normally I am sitting on my bench and normally I have a lot of criticism because I am sitting on my bench. Now I am out of my bench and now I have a lot of criticism for doing that. So, no – I have apologised to the referee and the linesman and everything is solved, I hope. I have to control my emotion. I say this also to my players.”

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