Mourinho blames the stars for United’s defeat

Cassius in Julius Caesar was wise enough to say .. “The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars but in ourselves..”
Mourinho,on the other hand,is putting the blame firmly – not on himself- but on his stars.
His star studded very expensive football team is full of stars he says that lost that game at home to basement bottom team West Brom because they played “complicated football
He’s a coach who has won eight titles and three Premier Leagues.
Maybe he has hit a bad patch but it’s looking more and more like he’s lost it-and is now in denial.
It’s his job to make his stars shine.

One comment on “Mourinho blames the stars for United’s defeat
  1. I still think Murinho is a great and very good coach.
    I agree with his opinion. I think the players played against their values.
    I think the criticism is reasonable if an eight-time winning coach criticizes a player.
    Do you think a director with a great achievement can not look back on himself?
    Do you really think he only blames the player?

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