City continue their inexorable march towards the title

Manchester United, in their illustrious history,have won the title 20 times,and Liverpool have not done too badly either,winning it 18 times.
City in comparision have previously won the title only a mere 5 times.
However no team,no matter what their glorious past,has ever won the title for two seasons consecutively.
That is what Pep Guardiola’s current collection of fearsome forwards,marauding midfielders,doughty defenders and gallant goalkeeper are on the brink of achieving.
Unless Liverpool pip them at the post.
Which will only happen if City slip up and Liverpool don’t.
But for now,after beating Manchester United 2-0 at Old Trafford,they don’t look like they are going to be slipping up anytime soon.
An inexorable march towards that second title in a row is what is happening.

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