Liverpool go back into the lead

The good news is that they are two points ahead of City again.The bad news is that Salah got injured.
He was stretchered off the field with a head injury sustained in an accidental collision with the Newcastle goalkeeper Martin Dubravka.
And Divock Origi who was brought in as sub went on to score the winning goal of the game.
Which led Jürgen Klopp to claim that “destiny will decide” whether Liverpool win the Premier League.
Some higher power is at work here.
“What can I say? It’s just brilliant, it’s like a fairytale.That was really a big moment. I accepted long ago that we will do everything, absolutely everything, and the boys will throw whatever they have on the pitch. That means whether we will be champions or not, it’s destiny. We do everything, we cannot do more. Can you get more than 94 points? Not really. The boys tried everything, even when we had the draws they tried everything to win the game.The boys showed in each second that they really want to win it. We knew what we had to do and the boys did it in a very difficult game. Credit to Newcastle. Wow. If any people doubt the teams that don’t play for anything any more, that they are halfway on the beach already, that was the opposite. Is there any history between Newcastle and Liverpool that I don’t know about? The atmosphere was like something happened between them in the past.”

The finish line is in sight now.Liverpool have one game left to win to win and City have two games left to win to win.
Destiny or lady luck is going to have the final say here.

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