Manchester United blow their last chance to get to the top four

Tottenham Spurs had done United a huge favour by losing 1- 0 to Bournemouth last wednesday.That game was a bit of a saga in itself as Spurs found themselves playing with 9 men on the team and all their subseqent attempts to park the bus and keep Bournemouth out didn’t work.They scored a stoppage time header to take the game.
Highlights of that epic

So all United had to do was beat Huddersfield,a team that was already relegated,and which had managed to score only 9 home goals all season.
But that,it turned out,turned out to be beyond them.
After taking a 1 – 0 lead United then obligingly allowed Huddersfield to score their 10th home goal – thereby preventing them from becoming the first Premier League team to end a season without entering double home goal figures.
The draw also meant that they had killed off the last chance they had of proving Mourinho wrong.
They cannot overtake Chelsea and Spurs now so its either fifth or sixth place that they will end up in.
How does a team become so unfocussed ?
Highlights of Solskjaer’s despair.

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