Messi red carded in Argentina’s third place win

Chile were outclassed by Argentina in the game for the third place of the Copa America.The ref lost control of the game after the Argentian’s early 2- 0 lead saw the Chilean’s resorting to some rough stuff as a balm to their wounded pride.
Messi got a completely underserved red card.
He wasn’t happy with the refereeing in the semifinal against Brazil and this made it worse.
“I feel lot of anger because I think I did not deserve that red card because I think we were playing a very good game,” he said. “We were ahead but, as I said recently, unfortunately there is a lot of corruption, the referees… We leave with the feeling that they did not allow us to be in the final, that we were ready for better. Brazil’s match and today’s match were our two best performances but then when you are sincere, you say things and these things happen.”

Argentina are likely to appeal the red card,but if it stands then Messi will be suspended for the start of World Cup qualifying next year.

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